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GEO - CODES Series
My work is engaged in a dialog with cartography involving both the study and practice of making maps. Coinciding with my own interest in the archeology of travel and the journey, the work has evolved over time through an interest in mapping space, both real and imagined. Tantamount to the greater questions or reflections aboutthe universe, the work investigates human systems of organization and inter-connective relationships within nature. Inspired by tantric charts, fractal patterns, evolving symmetries, and diagrams mapping the body, my work attempts to visually link the world through a collection of ideas ranging from quantum physics to sacred geometries.

Within this world, I discovered evocative means for conveying the journey through a visual language using charts, diagrams, codes, and symbols. The "Geo – Codes" series is based on ruminations of space or mapping virtual landscapes existing within the theater of the mind. Visualizing space through a through a network of sensorial layers of color interwoven with fragmentary particles of information, meta-narratives begin to form. Losing their real-world specificity, compositional space and reality literally expand and simultaneously collapse in time.  Through a lens both received and perceived, my intent is to convey layers of meaning from the mystical to the esoteric and open pathways for observing the interconnectedness of all living things.